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From A Non Programmer To Full Stack .NET Developer

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Full Stack Web Development Tutorial For Beginners: Your First .NET Application using an enterprise approach + FREE eBook

 It Includes

  • Get Lifetime Access to this course
  • High Quality Recorded Lectures
  • Learn Online from Mobile/PC/Tablet
  • Assignments & Projects
  • Online iLab Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Free Instructor Support
  • Access valid for 1 user only
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Build a fully functional simple .NET Web Application from scratch using industry standard practices
  • Understand the basic concepts of programming
  • Understand and develop basic C# backend applications
  • Understand and develop basic HTML,CSS and JS frontend applications
  • Learn the next steps to become an experienced programmer
  • Learn how to search for programming solutions on google. Think like a developer!

This course assumes no previous experience.

Even if you have no programming experience or you’re a beginner, this course guides you to the right path, because I am following the same principles and steps I took when I learned programming for the first time.

I was just like you knowing almost nothing. I had no idea how web or mobile applications are being built, what tools to use and how to combine these technologies, but after a few years, I am now a Senior Full Stack Developer. Everything presented here is already tested on me and more others and it works.

My first advice for you is "don’t be scared, but at the same time don't expect it to be very easy". Life is not all beer and skittles and for sure I am not here to lie to you that by only taking this course you’ll become an awesome developer. Think of it as a great and unique opportunity, a starting point to learn something new. You have to stay motivated and work very hard to master it.

By signing up today, you gain access to:

  • Engaging Video Tutorials

  • Exercises

  • Quizzes

  • Web Development Resources (including the complete Movie Management dot net application we are building throughout the course)

  • The eBook “From A Non Programmer To Full Stack .NET Developer 2019” for FREE, which contains the course content written in a friendly format with a lot of images and explanations so you can be able to learn web development even when you’re not in front of a computer

  • Lifetime support from me in any problem regarding backend or frontend software development

The course it’s a must, if you want to start acquiring full stack developer skills and I am 100% confident you’ll love it, but I want to let you know that Learnfly has a 30-days return policy and if it feels that programming is not for you, you can request a refund. Sign up today, risk-free!

However, in your career as a junior developer, you will probably feel this a few times and I recommend you to think very well before taking a radical decision.

What does it mean to build a web application from ground-up ?

*concepts like Database, SQL, No-Sql, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI, Frontend, Backend, LINQ, REST, API, Web Development, Hosting, IDE, T-SQL, etc., are well explained during the course

  • Create a database (Sql vs No-Sql)

  • Create an UI, the frontend (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)

  • Create an API

  • Create a layer responsible with the logical processing of your application

  • Create a layer responsible for executing operations against our database

  • Enable local hosting

  • Test the application

  • Profit! :)

This course helps you to:

  • Improve your logical thinking

  • Improve your problem-solving abilities

  • Improve your searching skills

  • Understand how software applications work

  • Find a nice and well-paid job

  • Improve your self-confidence 

After completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of C#

  • Understand the basic concepts of Web Development

  • Understand the basic concepts of Full Stack .NET Development process

  • Build a web application using the methods presented during the course

  • Understand basic concepts of databases and queries

  • Learn more complex algorithms by yourself

  • Participate at interviews for junior software engineer or internships at international companies

Background music provided by Xiodine

  • Motivation to achieve your goal :)
  • A laptop/desktop pc with Windows (or anything else running Windows inside a virtual machine)
  • No-programming knowledge is required (we will start from the very beginning and install tools we need as we go)
  • Designed for those who have always wanted to create a web application but had no idea how
  • Designed for those who want to make a career change (anyone with zero programming experience)
  • Not recommended for experienced programmers
  • It's perfect for complete beginners with zero experience