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Introduction to Power System Harmonics

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Learn about Power System Harmonics from scratch.

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There is a short story behind creating this course. Let me share with you that.

One of my clients was facing the problem of repetitive random failures of power devices like drives, motors, etc.

Case Study:

It was a new milk processing plant. It so happened that an induction motor got failed means the winding got shorted. They replaced it with a new one to run the plant. A few days later an AC Drive IGBT module got failed. The nuisance tripping of the circuit breaker also got started.

Now they called me up to find out the root cause. We checked everything like bearings of motors, balancing, connections inside the panel, drive parameters, Overload setting, etc. But we haven't found the concrete reason for such a behavior of devices.

At last, I doubted Harmonics current and conducted a harmonics study. Guess what! 40% to 60 % of harmonics current were there and no remedial techniques had been implemented.

After giving a suitable mitigation solution now the factory is running fine.

This made me think about creating a course on harmonics.

So here it is -

The following content has been covered:

- The definition of harmonics is briefly interpreted.

- Factors that are responsible for harmonics current generation are discussed.

- Devices producing harmonics and how they produce are discussed.

- Harmonics analysis is explained with the help of Matlab where required.

- Effects of the harmonics current on various equipment used in the power system.

- Interpretation of IEEE Std. 519-1992, 2014.

- Know how to find harmonics current and where to look for them.

- Know the various mitigation techniques to limit harmonics current in the power system.

After completion of this course, you can be able to:

- Identify harmonics distortion sources in the power system.

- Recognize the symptoms of harmonics presence by knowing the effects of harmonics on various equipment like transformers, motors, power cables, and electronics devices, etc.

- Select the suitable harmonics analysis technique.

- Provide a suitable solution for harmonics reduction and mitigation.

Where you can use this knowledge?

- If you are working with an EPC / core consultancy company, use this knowledge to provide remedial solutions for limiting harmonics current.

- If you are a maintenance engineer, use this knowledge to find out the root cause for the failure of equipment. For example, heating issues in induction motor has various reasons like overload, poor ventilation, and even due to harmonics current. This course would help you decide whether the problem is due to harmonics or not.

- Knowledge never fades away. If you are a student looking for a job in Power Companies, EPCs, etc can use this knowledge to answer power system harmonics related question.

Who should take this course?

- Electrical system design engineers

- Power System Engineers

- Maintenance Engineers especially Electrical

- Electrical contractors

- Students pursuing Bachelor's / Master's degree in Electrical, Electronics, Power system, Instrumentation, and Control.

Enjoy the learning!

  • Basic of Electricity.
  • Enthusiasm to learn.
  • Electrical Engineering Students
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Electrical System Design Engineers
  • Power System Engineers