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ISO 9001 Quality Management and Strategic Thinking Training

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Combine ISO and Quality with Real Business and boost your Processes

It Includes

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    What you'll learn?

    • What is Mission, Vision and strategic Planning and the easiest way to understand and use them
    • What is the context of the organization? Relation with SWOT analysis and interested parties needs & expectations + Strategic map building
    • Leadership role in ISO 9001
    • What are the Quality Management Principles?
    • What is a process approach and how to efficiently use it (+PDCA understandings)
    • ISO 9001:2015 major points that shows how real business works
    • ISO 9001:2015 major changes
    • ISO 9000:2015 most needed and critical definitions
    • How to establish quality objectives and get the best use of them - SMART Objectives!
    • Difference between Goal and Objectives and how to establish Both (from where to start)
    • How to Evaluate the Quality Management System and Business Performance
    • Use of Data to Measure and monitor the Performances
    • Why should you have an analytical Mindset? Customer Satisfaction, Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards to monitor process/Business performance
    • Management Review Meetings, Nonconformity, Corrective actions and Continual Improvement mindset
    • What to do? Action plan for your Business: Workshop preparation - full work needed map
    • Summary of some Tools that you need to use (SIPOC, Flowcharts, Control Charts, Cause and Effect, Pareto, 5 whys)

    Course Overview

    This course is not a step by step (or clause by clause) explanation of ISO 9001:2015! At all! For such courses, please refer to other colleagues/instructors where they have a great explanation for that.

    In this course (in which for sure we will extract some clauses and explain from the system), we will be concentrating on how to understand ISO 9001 Quality Management System as the way you do Business. Your daily Business, Analysis and Implementation. 

    We will start by the most needed and critical definitions (looks boring a bit but without this foundation, we cannot beat the coming beast) that will enlighten our path to the other lectures and sections.

    Then, we will highlight the role of leadership in the quality management system and how much leaders are in the heart of the whole process (company) and each and every process also.

    Later, we will be discussing the great seven Quality Management Principles that almost all business owners’ uses on their daily basis and within their leadership styles without knowing the emphasis that ISO put on them. 

    In addition to that, we will be discussing the major changes in ISO 2015 revision compared to 2008 and not to just know the difference rather than knowing its importance on the business itself.

    One major concept will be discussed and fully explained also is the Process approach and how this can help you to Plan, Do, Check and Act (Continually Improve) any Process (wide or sub process) that you will be working on or even designing

    (new process). Another critical aspects that is considered the biggest change in the new ISO 2015 version is the context of the organization, we will be demystifying it to know the importance of identifying the External & Internal issues, Interested

    parties plus their needs and expectations (what is the difference between a need and an expectation also), Risks and opportunities and the relation with SWOT analysis. We will be using those aspects to understand the Strategic planning process, Vision, Mission, Strategy Map, and its integration with the Quality Management System and process approach.

    Then we will be demystifying the difference between a GOAL and an Objective and how SMART objectives achieve the intended results. Then we will discuss the origin of objectives establishment and from where to start.

    Performance Evaluation will be critical to implement after all this knowledge, what to measure and monitor? When? How (methods used)? ... And many other questions the organization and its process owners shall ask themselves.

    How to use the data perfectly so to analyze and improve the use of resources for a better output? How to be efficient rather than being effective.

    How to make sure your products and services are conforming to client’s requirements? The degree of your customer satisfaction? The effectiveness of your QMS? If you actually got what you planned for? How your external providers are performing and how you can continually improve your QMS? Those questions shall be the basis of your interpretation of the business.

    We will be discussing how to establish your process KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and release a dashboard to ease monitoring those processes. Management Review meeting importance (Inputs & Outputs needed/expected), NCRs and continually improving to reach an Analytical Mindset.


    • No prerequisite for this course Just remove some myths you knew about ISO and Quality and be ready to have a new Journey

    Target Audience

    • All Employees
    • Students
    • Top Management
    • Management representatives
    • Quality Assurance Managers/Employees
    • Quality Control Managers/Employees
    • Quality Auditors
    • Anyone interested in understanding the real ISO 9001 objective(s) and application
    • Individuals that really like to have an analytical mindset
    • New business owners
    • Entrepreneurs