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Leadership is a quality which is desired by everyone at every stage of his/her professional life. Leadership skills are a boon for corporates who are handling people whether it is a team or a whole venture. Learnfly, with its online leadership training classes, aims to build essential and innovative skills which yields to growth and development of the firm. These essential skills involve concepts and ethical ideas that boosts time management, team motivation, and personal happiness. Learnfly follows an entertaining and practical teaching style which not only makes the online leadership classes more interesting but also incredibly interactive.

Learnfly will guarantee you that the online leadership training course will leave you with an exceptional impact on your personality at the completion of the course. The leadership skills course will train you to be more influential and compelling to people around you with skills like delegating, motivating, management styles, keeping your finger on the pulse, and planning the future of your business etc.

Learning on the job is indeed a significant aspect of one’s professional life. Career is a part where you expect to learn with a significant consistency. If it is the other way around, then probably it is the right time to opt for the leadership skills training. The online leadership training course will not let you held back.

  • Learnfly will train you with innovative ideas to be more strategic and action oriented.
  • Online leadership course will polish your existing leadership skills while giving you an appropriate practical exposure.
  • This online training for leadership skills will let you be updated with the latest insights of the field and will primarily work on strengthening your essential operational abilities
  • It will further train you to build concrete action plans to make a positive impact on your career as well as your organization.

Learnfly comprises of a team of well experienced and proficient professionals who structure this online training course in a way that it’ll make a lasting impact on your career.

  • The effective online program design, with some innovative and trending concepts, aims to deliver the most concrete outcomes.
  • The online leadership skills training will get you a rational step-by-step process. The process will help you integrate your learning while inspiring you to go beyond your circle of comfort zone.
  • The online modular structure of our leadership skill training course allows you to balance your busy career with your future ambition.
  • The online leadership classes will not only let you passively receive the knowledge but also nurture your skills with practical exposure.

Learnfly inspires you to go beyond and work out of your comfort zone while pushing off your limits. Working on the qualities that leads to some amazing leadership traits works wonder for your professional life. Getting trained with leadership skills will make you an impactful and incredibly influential leader. The online classes will focus on strengthening your existing skills and developing leadership qualities while endowing you an insight about the global trends and latest market practices. With such qualities and essential operational skills an immediate value for your organization would be provided with our leadership training course.

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Duration : 1 hour
Length : 8 Weeks
Batch Start Date : 20/11/2016
Course Fee Rs.7500
Test Lab Hours : 30mins
Class Room Training : Available
Instructor Learnfly Faculty
Available Training Modes Instructor-Led Class

Our faculty will train through the strategically developed course modules, in which the subject topics have been allocated in different weeks. Without putting too much pressure on the candidate, the curriculum promotes in-depth knowledge and steady growth. Within a few weeks, you will become an expert in Leadership Skills and its applications.

  • Introduction on the basics
  • Build the foundation of a leader
  • What is Leadership?
  • Develop a compelling future vision
  • Powerfully lead and manage yourself
  • Methods that build trust
  • Establish lasting loyalty with people
  • Make better decisions and save time
  • Think like a real leader
  • Learn to communicate like a powerful leader
  • Ways to improve listening skills
  • Know about persuasion and influence
  • Powerful and effective speaking
  • Inspire people to follow your words
  • Ancient ways to Melt Resistance and Influence
  • A.C.E. your way to confidence
  • Leadership Storytelling Blueprint
  • Build maximum communication power
  • Practices which improve creativity
  • Communicating skills of a true leader
  • Coach Followers to Motivate Themselves
  • The Use "How" and "Why"
  • Strengthen your confidence with Leadership
  • Way to develop a powerful leadership identity
  • Take your leadership skills to the next level
  • Discover ways to lead your team to
    go beyond problems
  • Manage a team without losing your cool
  • Inspire to follow the greatest leaders in history
  • Make decisions like legendary leaders
  • Learn to decide between multiple fair decisions
  • Develop Inner Wisdom
  • Ways to unlock your intuition
  • Follow a powerful leadership routine
  • Discover the most important aspect of
    leadership: Self-Development
  • The road to lasting leadership
  • Summarize the leadership course
  • Conclusion


Learnfly Academy is a forward-thinking educational ecosystem. We train extraordinary people for the emerging professions of the 21st century according to industry demand. We fill a crucial gap between learners and companies to train and hire the best talent in the market. Learning from Learnfly Academy increases your chances by 95% to get you the right job.

Live Class is a live streaming of teacher from our location. Learnfly Academy instructors deliver live classes in an online environment. Attendees join a WebEx session from their preferred location and connect to a hosted lab environment to practice what they learn. We run classes as per Indian Standard time.

Each attendee needs a computer with a high-speed Internet connection in order to connect to

  • A WebEx web conference session and
  • A hosted lab environment.
and For best results, we recommend the following browsers: PC - Internet Explorer or FireFox. Mac - 64-bit browser (Safari of FireFox). or Google Chrome We also highly recommend that you use a computer headset and microphone (VOIP) and that you attend from a quiet workspace to allow you to concentrate.


We have a very transparent fee structure. Please see the course fee next to the “Add to Cart” button on this page.

We only provide certified and industry expert trainers to our learners. Our teachers/instructors are highly qualified in their training verticals. Our instructors could be an individual teachers from colleges or working professionals from multi national companies like google, Facebook or Microsoft.

Of course you should. That’s what applications are for, don't worry. It's our responsibility to make sure that you are ready for any course you will attend. If it's not right for you, we'll let you know. We're not shy about things like that.

Yes. We do offer full job assistance once you do the certification from Learnfly. We have partnered ourselves with multiple small business and multi national companies to provide you the best working platform. We also conduct in-house campus events and send you invitations to experience multiple job opportunities at one place. We offer 99% job placement, if you do 2-3 job oriented courses from our catalogs.

Currently, you can attend our class’s in English or Hindi Language.

Yes Off course! You can reschedule a class with your assigned teacher or request for a pre-recorded session on your email.

We accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, net banking & NEFT. You can also pay us via paypal & paytm. Use the “Add to Cart” button provided on this page and checkout by making the online payment. You will receive an automated confirmation on your email after a success-full payment with further instructions.

Once you purchase training, we'll send you an email with registration instructions. Also, One of our counsellor will get in touch with you to assign you an online teacher and decide the class timings. We can either assign you to the existing running batch or add you in the upcoming batches.

You may cancel an order within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, but not inside of 3 days of your scheduled course.


Step 1 : Make an Online Payment

Step 2 : Our Counsellor will contact you within few minutes after payment.

Step 3 : Choose your time to attend your live class with our counsellor

Step 4 : Connect with a Live Teacher from your PC, Phone or a tablet & attend the class from anywhere in the world.

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