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React JS for absolute beginner

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Learn User Experience Priciples & Human Behavior Patterns and Apply them to improve UX Design of Websites & Mobile Apps

 It Includes

  • Get Lifetime Access to this course
  • High Quality Recorded Lectures
  • Learn Online from Mobile/PC/Tablet
  • Assignments & Projects
  • Online iLab Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Free Instructor Support
  • Access valid for 1 user only
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Develop Skills needed to be a great UX Designer.
  • Understand User Behavior and Psychology rather than the UX Process.
  • Apply Design Thinking & UX Principles to any product you build.
  • CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENTS : Find and Solve UX problems in Mobile and Web Apps.
  • Apply Mental Models and Mapping to your products.
  • Know Affordances and Signifiers and how to apply them to any product.
  • How we Perceive things and how our Memory works.
  • Make any Website's or Apps Usability better.
  • Learn about all common UX mistakes designers and developers make.
  • Apply the knowledge of UX to user interfaces or Apps you are coding.
  • Improve any Product's User Experience.
  • What role Developers play in UX?
  • Apply UX and Usability Principles to Improve UX of any Digital Product.

Start your User Experience Design career NOW

Every field of study have some Principles and Basic concepts and if you master those concepts and principles, you can apply them anywhere. Similarly in User Experience Design, experts are studying Human behavior from past many years so you need to master these UX, Usability and Interaction Design principles   

This course will walk you through all the Principles, Essential Concepts and Behavior Patterns of Humans when they use Website, Mobile Apps or any product so you can Design better digital products and delight your users.   

Develop mindsets and skills to deliver a better UX for any Website, Mobile App or product. This course is full of latest practical examples and screenshots of UX problems which a lot of Designers, developers and Product managers are making with their products.   
Whether you’re a designer, developer, or are completely new to UX DESIGN, you’ll leave this course with a practical understanding of which qualities makes products delightful, efficient, functional and usable.

This course lectures, practical examples about  

  • How to become UX Designer   
  • UX CASE STUDY: Find and solve the UX problems within an actual Medical Doctor's App
  • Develop UX insight to instantly identify problems in your product
  • Learn about Mental Models and Human Behavioral Patterns
  • Develop your instincts and skills for UX Design (Double Diamond model of Design)
  • Develop Root cause analysis skill and learn about 7 Steps of Action
  • How Human mental and Physical limits effects UX
  • How to reduce Cognitive load to improve User Experience
  • How to avoid common UX problems in Websites and mobile apps
  • How Discoverability, learnability and feedback improves UX of your digital products?
  • Design patterns and Anticipatory Design
  • Identify usability or Interaction Design problems with just a glance
  • Why Human behavior with Digital Products is important for UX?
  • How to improve Conversion by eliminating barriers to entry?
  • How to record Video of your User's Activity to solve see user's frustrations in action ?
  • How Users scan and read on your websites? and a lot more

Enjoy all the Real-World Examples inside this course and start your UX Design Career by mastering these basics in the right way.

  • Just a curious mind.
  • Pencil and a notepad.
  • No need of Experience at all.
  • Designers, Developers, Coders, SEO Experts, UI Designers, Entrepreneur, Design Directors, Web Designers, Mobile App Developes, Startup CEO.
  • Anyone who wants to learn User Experiene.