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Stock market 2021 | Option | Ultimate guide to become trader

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Learn to trade in the stock market using Price action, Option chain & Indicators. Learn technique and risk management tips

 What you'll learn?

  • Options in the Stock market
  • Price action trading
  • Technical analysis and Patterns
  • Indicators and usage
  • Options strategies and Option chain analysis
  • Basics of Stock market

Course Overview

Introduction to the Stock market:

This section provides you learn basics of trading and investment before getting started. Things that can be learned from this section:

  1. Fundamental analysis of stock

  2. How to start trading and its regulation

  3. Types of trading

  4. Basic strategies to begin trading.

Technical analysis and Patterns

This section provides details about technical trading patterns and help traders to earn profits from the market. This also helps the traders understand how the share market works and provides details on how to reach to various news. This section includes the below mentioned details:

  1. Tips for the investors/traders

  2. How to read charts to enter and exit the trade.

  3. How to fix the stop loss

  4. 40 chart patterns with detailed analysis.

  5. Volume trading and many more intraday strategies.


This section explains how indicators work and when to use them in detail.

  1. Volume indicators

  2. Moving average Indicators

  3. Zonal Indicators

  4. Entry-Exit Indicators

Option Basics:

This section provides a guide on how option works and understanding options in detail:

  1. Call and Put

  2. Strike price, Lot and Expiry

  3. Premium in Option

  4. Open Interest

  5. Theta and Delta

  6. Put-call ratio

  7. Option writing

Option strategy builder:

This section provides various option used in Future and option to make consistent money in all kinds of Market:

  1. Implied Volatility

  2. Straddle and Strangle

  3. Synthetic call/Verticals

  4. Butterfly

  5. Spread in Option

  6. Strip and Strap

  7. Ladder

Price action trading:

Most important topic of this course helping traders to understand the relation between price, volume and players in the market. Understand the big investor and habits. This section covers:

  1. Psychology in Trading

  2. Why, How and when

  3. State of market

  4. Economic calendar

  5. Fake breakouts

  6. Territory in trading

  7. Knowing your role

  8. Momentum in Trading

  9. Stop-loss and Exit

  10. Risk management.

Strategies in Trading:

Helps in building your own trading strategy in details:

  1. Swing trading strategy

  2. Intraday trading strategies


  • No prerequisites
  • Beginners who are willing to learn to trade
  • Traders making losses with 1-2 years experience
  • Finance enthusiast